Enjoy a sip of the rainbow – for a good cause

First things first: we take a a clear stand against all forms of discrimination.

In fact, equality is so natural to us, that it’s almost as ridiculous to talk about as breathing. We believe that all people should always have the same opportunities and rights, both in their personal lives and professional careers – regardless of gender, gender identity or expression, ethnic affiliation, religion or other beliefs, disabilities, sexual orientation, or age.

We take pride in valuing and celebrating diversity as it is key to both,
creating a positive working environment for our people and sustainable business success.

As we want to give support to rainbow people from all over the world, we are happy to start up a collaboration with Regnbågsfonden.Their team is on a meaningful mission to spread the freedom and human rights that we have achieved in Europe to those parts of the world where rainbow people are still being oppressed and persecuted.
Being a fundraising organization that does not carry out any projects of its own, Regnbågsfonden cooperates with established organizations, primarily directly with local partners in different countries around the world.

Espresso House will support Regnbågsfonden not only with an initial donation of 100 000 SEK, but also by raising further donations and awareness for the cause with a wonderfully colorful product, Earl Gay by Dear Tea Society, that will be entered the shelves of our selected Coffee Shops from 8 June.

Earl Gay is a tea beyond any definition of what one should be and contain; a wild and beautiful blend of the honeybush, white and black tea flavored with the blowout, bergamots, and rainbows. Drink it with or without sugar and milk. Drink it tonight or for the rest of your life.
Drink it out of cup, out of a shoe, or straight from the tek's peep.
It's your tea. And how you love it, only you decide!

Join us in supporting Regnbågsfonden’s mission to promote equality for all: for every tea box sold during summer 2023, we will donate 5 SEK to the foundation.

Enjoy a cup of Earl Gay and celebrate each step towards an even more free and colorful world together with us!